Board of Directors

Adem Çetinkaya Ph.D.
Chairman of the Board, ACINV
Former Chairman 

Araksi Saroyan Ph.D.
Former CFO and Corporate President

David Catherman Ph.D.
Chairman and CEO, Global Swap Operations Leader

Sevi Tasciyan
Co-founder and Director

Executive Profiles

Araksi Saroyan Ph.D.
Pacific Advisory Leader

Melisa Orhon Ph.D.
Legal Advisory Leader

David Catherman Ph.D.
Chairman and CEO, Global Swap Operations Leader

Founders’ Letter

Hard to believe we are about a quarter short of two years of announcing AC INC. It’s been busy! I certainly feel AC INC is working well, and as intended. At the time, I wrote that “AC INC is about businesses prospering through strong leaders and independence.” The new structure has helped entrepreneurs build and run companies with the autonomy and speed they need.

Araksi and I are working well together on the overall AC direction and providing guidance to the companies. David is doing great as AC INC CEO. It’s certainly a big job and we are very lucky to have him. He’ll probably write this letter again in the future as he has in the past, so I won’t speak too much for him on the AC  INC related topics in this one. But, I’m excited about how he is leading the company with a focus on startup finance and swap. We took a big step in that direction with the M&A section.

We’ve had a number of significant things happen on the AC INC side since I last wrote. A number of our projects became companies, with more autonomy and dedicated leadership.

So in conclusion, Araksi and I are having a good time looking for new opportunities and managing and scaling our existing efforts. I still see amazing opportunities that just aren’t quite fully developed yet—and helping making them real is what I get excited about.

Adem Çetinkaya
Founder, Chairman

We work across the world

From London to San Francisco, to our home base in (Saint Helier) Jersey, we’re looking for extraordinary and creative scientists to help us drive the field forward.

AC Investment Inc. currently does not act as an equities executing broker or route orders containing equities securities. If AC Invest’s business model were to change and it begins routing non-directed orders in NMS securities, it will comply with the disclosure requirement of Rule 606.

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