Author, Economist
Residence: Cambridge, MA, US
Born Date: April 10, 1981 Kayseri, Turkey
Education: Kayseri Science High School, MIT Sloan School of Management
Organizations founded: A.C. Advisory Inc., A.C. Investment Inc., 
Chairman of the Board, ACINV

As an senior economist and advisor, he has regularly contributed to several international financial journals, and has published several books on finance, mathematics and audit.

He started his professional career in the telecommunication sector where he was responsible for business development and audit.

Publications:Price Theory Applied Mathematics, Calculus for Economics, Financial Crime & Investigation: Case Studies, Speculative Growth: Extreme Stock Market Valuations, Economic Complexity Report, EU Zone Economic Forecast 2017-2020, Regression Analysis Guide, Estimation with Multi Variables, Macroeconomic Accounts Statistics Guide, Probability Theory, Matrix Algebra, Mathematical Audit Methods