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Adem Cetinkaya Investment provides financial advisory services to governments and not-for-profit organizations. The company offers strategic transactional support services in the areas of financial planning, M&A, deals, transaction structuring, financial crime investigation, governance, board/commission assistance, swap advisory, reinvestment 
services, closing, and post transaction analysis. 

By taking time to analyse your organization and the issues and challenges you are facing, our Advisory team use local and global knowledge to help you challenge conventions and introduce and deliver strategies that work specifically for you.

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For Investors

Certificate of Incorporation

AC ADV.INC. a corporation organized and existing under the laws of Jersey Comt. St. (the “Corporation”), hereby certifies as follows:

A. The name of the Corporation is AC ADV.INC. The Corporation’s original Certificate of Incorporation was filed with the Secretary of State of Jersey on July 23, 2017.

B. This Amended and Restated Certificate of Incorporation was duly adopted in accordance with Sections 242, 245 and 228 (by written consent of the sole stockholder of the Corporation) of the General Corporation Law of the St of Jersey, and restates, integrates and further amends the provisions of the Corporation’s Certificate of Incorporation.

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Code of Conduct

Employees of AC ADV.INC and its subsidiaries and controlled affiliates (“AC ADV.INC”) should do the right thing – follow the law, act honorably, and treat co-workers with courtesy and respect.

We expect all of our employees and Board members to know and follow this Code of Conduct. Failure to do so can result in disciplinary action, including termination of employment. Any waivers of this Code for directors or executive officers must be approved by our Board.

Never retaliate against anyone who reports or participates in an investigation of a possible violation of the Code.

If you are employed by a subsidiary or controlled affiliate of AC ADV.INC, please comply with your employer’s code of conduct. If your employer doesn’t have its own code of conduct, if you have a question or concern about this Code or believe that someone may be violating it, or if you want to remain anonymous, you can make a report of a suspected violation or concern through our Helpline. Finally, if you believe a violation of law has occurred, you can always raise that through the Ethics & Compliance helpline or with a government agency.

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Founders’ Letter

Hard to believe we are about a quarter short of two years of announcing AC INC. It’s been busy! I certainly feel AC INC is working well, and as intended. At the time, I wrote that “AC INC is about businesses prospering through strong leaders and independence.” The new structure has helped entrepreneurs build and run companies with the autonomy and speed they need.

Araksi and I are working well together on the overall AC direction and providing guidance to the companies. David is doing great as AC INC CEO. It’s certainly a big job and we are very lucky to have him. He’ll probably write this letter again in the future as he has in the past, so I won’t speak too much for him on the AC  INC related topics in this one. But, I’m excited about how he is leading the company with a focus on startup finance and swap. We took a big step in that direction with the M&A section.

We’ve had a number of significant things happen on the AC INC side since I last wrote. A number of our projects became companies, with more autonomy and dedicated leadership.

So in conclusion, Araksi and I are having a good time looking for new opportunities and managing and scaling our existing efforts. I still see amazing opportunities that just aren’t quite fully developed yet—and helping making them real is what I get excited about.

Adem Çetinkaya
Founder, Chairman


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